The Balance of Pursuing Your Dreams and Living With Purpose Today

I could say there are two types of people in this world, but that may be oversimplifying things a bit. Maybe you're the person who pursues their dreams all out.  You have a dream.  You focus your life on building it. Your a dreamer. And just so you know, no judgement here.  I'm a dreamer.  Even my Myers Briggs type is called the dreamer (shout out to all my INFP sisters). 


Or maybe you have let go of your dreams.  You are adamant that purpose is found in your everyday life today.  You seek to live not in dreams but in being present and creating a life you love today.  As those of us born before 1975 would say, BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED!  

If you're anything like me, I don't want to take a stand here really. My passion for One Foot has been helping women like you pursue their dreams while they find purpose and faith in their todays. 

Life in the Either/Or


I used to be an either/or kind of person. I could either pursue my dreams or I could find purpose in the life I'm already living. There was no in between.  There was no tension to be managed.  And during that phase of my life, I defaulted to pursuing my dreams. 

My only problem? Sometimes the places where God is leading require a little waiting.  Sometimes the places we're going require experiences we haven't had yet.  Sometimes waiting to live with purpose until we accomplish our dreams is not the life God calls us to live at all. 

The Power of Living With Purpose in the Everyday

The reality is there is power in living with purpose today. This is your life. Your everyday mundane life is the one you have.  It's the one that brought you your people. It's the life where you enjoy moments over coffee, movies that inspire, and jobs that enable you to do the things you love.  


And in the middle of your everyday life, God is the author of purpose.  Your purpose is not wrapped up in a more significant job, a more significant relationship, a more significant home. Instead, our purpose is found in allowing God to weave purpose into working at the Caribou, our trips to the grocery store, our neighbors, our co-workers, our people. 

Choosing To Be Present

Purpose is found in being present. In doing the next thing right in front of us.  In finding God in the small moments, not in those big, giant moments. As for me, I spent a lot of years pursuing big dreams.  I had the mistaken assumption that if I found purpose in my everyday moments, God would make me say goodbye to my dreams. 

And then one of my faithful friends starting speaking truth over my life with one simple sentence. 

Life is about the journey, not about the destination. 



I didn't take to it right away, but the more she said it - the more I wanted it.  I eventually admitted my dreams could not compare to finding joy in each step.  My dreams could not compare to creating  a life I loved today instead of waiting for a life I loved SOME DAY. 

Dreaming God's Dreams

What happened to my dreams when I started finding purpose in my everyday walking around life?  My dreams became more vivid. God showed up more. And I found even more clarity and direction because I chose to live with purpose while dreaming with God about what could be. 

Is there a tension in balancing big dreams and purpose today?  Maybe.  But as you and I choose to embrace purpose today, God uses those purposeful steps to lead us to our dreams of tomorrow. 

I'd love to hear from you!  What helps you find purpose in your everyday, walking around life? Share your tips with me and the One Foot Community. 

Danielle Allen