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 Enneagram Workshops Maple Grove, MN

Upcoming Enneagram Workshops


Using the Enneagram for Deeper Relationships and Communication

The Enneagram is a personal typing system that can uncover your inner motivations, reveal why you do the things you do, and how to connect with your most important people with compassion.

Are you ready to start leveraging the wisdom of the Enneagram to connect with your people and improve your communication? Whether you’re wanting to understand your significant other, be a better friend, or thrive on your team at work, the Enneagram can give you insights in creating connections and deeper conversations. Join us for this 2-hour workshop where we’ll cover:

An overview of the Enneagram

Explore the 9 types of the Enneagram

Dive deeper into the communication styles of each type

Discover unique ways to connect and encourage each type


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Join us for the unique and interactive workshop to help you gain self-awareness in your relationships and how you communicate with your most important relationships. Workshop materials and refreshments included.

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