Why Everyone is a Leader

When I decided to make a change here at One Foot Coaching, I had one question. I wanted to create something that could be for my current clients who are interested in aligning their faith + life to reach their goals and live with purpose while also using the Enneagram to help Christian leaders cultivate an authentic and lasting impact.

As I wrestled with the changes God was asking me to make as he equipped me as a life coach, leader, and Enneagram coach and teacher, I had an aha moment. The pivots that God was leading me toward didn’t exclude - it just invited more people into the community.


Why? Because everyone is a leader.

Why everyone is a leader…

Here’s the simple fact. Everyone is a leader. In their everyday lives. In their relationships. In the way they serve at their church or in the community. At work. And in their business. The technical definition? Someone who has influence and well leads. (didn’t anyone tell Webster you’re not supposed to use the word in the definition?) And you, my friend, lead everyday.

You lead when you show up to parent. You lead when you show up to work. You lead when you’re not the boss but you remind your boss of the best next step or to follow that process or to convene the team. You lead when you serve and volunteer. You lead when you take that step to meet your new neighbor. You lead when you choose honesty over peace in your relationships. You lead.


Every leader must pour from an full cup

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen this post from me a time or two. Here’s the thing about leaders. Good leaders don’t pour from an empty cup. Your leadership impact is an overflow of what’s in your cup. So you and I? We need to make sure our cup is full.

Before you step into leading, it’s a good idea to fill up that cup. If coffee is your thing, go ahead and fill ‘er up. And then fill up with the good stuff. Time with God. Rest (so I may be preaching to the choir here - but Enneagram type 3s need this message more than the average bear). Things and activities that bring you joy. Getting with your people. Taking a break - that’s the same as rest (kind of) but we can never remind ourselves too much. It may be different for each of us, but find those things that fill you not deplete you.

Every leader is on a journey

I have this friend who taught me this phrase..Life is about the journey, not about the destination. And it’s especially true as we lead. Those leaders who seem to do it naturally or that you follow consistently? They are on a journey. We don’t arrive. We learn. From real-life situations. From practicing. From choosing to be brave and step out even when we don’t have it all figured out.


Whether you are just stepping into a formal leadership position, or you’ve been leading in all the ways in the rhythms of your everyday life, improving your leadership takes intention. Intention to be self-aware with who God created to be and what gets in your way. Intention to work on leading from a healthy soul. Intention to learn about the people you lead so that you can lead with compassion. Intention to learn skills that will help you become a better leader in life, in your relationships, and in your purpose.

Why did I write this? Because sometimes you and I forget that we’re leaders. Leadership isn’t defined by a formal title. It’s not defined by the number of followers on facebook or instagram. Or the success of your business. Or whether we found our purpose. Leadership is defined by allowing God to use us in the everyday rhythms of our lives. Leadership is defined by our willingness to be courageous with our steps, our stories, and our lives. Leadership is choosing to follow God into the adventure of life on mission.

Hey friend, I’d love to cheer you on in your own leadership journey - no matter what that looks like. Let me know how I can pray for and encourage you by leaving a comment below.