When you need a new beginning

It's spring, kind of. A time for fresh starts and new beginnings. And this year, a time for snow and more snow and then a little more snow. Especially if you live in Minnesota. 


You and I, we love and long for spring every year. For those of us in the north, we're over cold and snow and falling on the ice (this one is personal). We're ready for buds on trees, lilies in the yard and long walks with the pooch. 

We're also ready for a new beginning. A new beginning in the yard. A new beginning in our homes. A new beginning with our diets (or lack thereof).  A new beginning in our lives. 

I don't know about you, but there are a few areas where I could use a new beginning.  A new outlook. A new plan. A reset of my old ways so I can embrace my new ways. 

So, how do we know that we need a new beginning or where we even start?  I've been doing a little pondering lately.  For starters, I've been feeling a little stuck. A little not sure that my path is the best path. I've had some questions if I really need a new beginning. 

I'm also hosting a group coaching workshop this Saturday (snow permitting) on Cultivating New Beginnings.  For those of you not in the know, I have a very scientific process.  I brainstorm the topics and then months later am pleasantly surprised when creatively pulling my coaching tools into a cohesive workshop.  The magic comes when God takes all that and helps women change their lives each month (if it ain't broke...)

Whether you've been a little stuck or are intrigued by my group coaching processes, you may be wondering how you can cultivate a new beginning.  And in a little effort to brain dump as I do a little planning, I have some tips for you...

Tip# 1: Revisit Your Values


Why our values?  Our values drive our decisions. Our priorities. The answers to the questions you're asking. Values are important because they shape our lives.  They can be things like family, faith, love, friendship. I have a whole list of them so if you'd like that list, you can email here

The problem with values? Our everyday life sometimes gets in the way. On the way to our everyday, crazy-busy lives, we forget about our values. We start living to please others, to get things done and for success. And before we know it, we're living out values that don't even belong to us. 

So what's a girl to do? Revisit them by identifying them once again.  Identify what kinds of things and character traits are important. And then think through how you're doing as you seek to live them out.  

Tip # 2: Identify Your Strengths

If you and I intend to change our lives and cultivate a new beginning, we need to assess the toolbox. What tools do we already have to get to the place we want to go? Your strengths can range from your spirituals gifts, talents you're naturally good at to innate strengths you can use effortlessly in any situation. Don't know what these are?  Consider some of these ideas...

  • Evaluate what comes naturally in work and at home, what you enjoy doing

  • Ask your closest friends what they think you're good at

  • Take some assessments. I'm fond of Strengthsfinder and MBTI


Tip # 3: Envision One New Beginning

I know what you're thinking.  You have several new beginnings that need to happen. I'm ready to change IT ALL!  Uh huh!  Studies have shown that taking things in baby steps can help us make the lasting change we're craving. On the other hand, the more we try to bite off at once, the more likely we'll be to give it all up in favor of our recliner. 

As you think about your new beginnings, evaluate that one area of your life that you are most motivated to work on. Your job. A relationship. Your, ahem, healthy eating habits. And then develop one baby step that will move you a little closer. Don't worry about all the steps you need to get there yet. Once you accomplish baby step # 1, you can go back and develop the next one. 

Overall, you and i, we keeping doing the next thing right in front of us. We take new steps. We grieve the places we're leaving behind. We embrace new paths and keep stepping. 

Here's what I know. New beginnings can be fun and exciting and adventurous. They can also be challenging and full of tears and letting go and wondering what's next. Whatever new beginning you are facing, God goes with you.  God knows your next steps. God knows your last steps. He uses every moment to help you become exactly who you were made to be. 

Ready to dive deeper into new beginnings? 

Join me and other Christian women for this unique group coaching workshop on Saturday.  Complete with Biblically-based coaching tools, you will walk away with an action plan to step into your unique new beginning.