When 2018 has been harder than you thought

Hey you! I see you. I see the fact that 8 days into 2018 and you're already fighting an uphill battle. For you, 2018 has already been hard. I know that the last thing you feel like doing is crushing your goals or using your planner.  I know that you feel alone because most of the world is on a fresh start when you are treading water hoping that tomorrow will be different.  


I've been thinking about you...

The truth is you came to mind last night in the middle of my coaching workshop. A workshop I've been planning for months.  A workshop on kicking the New Year off right.  Evaluate last year. Envision this year. Getting practical about your goals. 

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And while 2018 has been okay for me, yesterday was a tough one.  Maybe not as tough as yours, but tough none-the-less. After a stressed out day of not getting enough done and allowing my value to be determined by criticism of my work, I frantically made my way to the business office of friends. 

My friends have been gracious enough to allow me to use their space for my group coaching events. The only problem after my holiday break, I COULD NOT REMEMBER THE ALARM CODE.  That's right. Alarms blaring. Me frantically trying to find the right code.  To no avail. 

While we finally got it figured out, I was on the verge of tears.  I was exhausted physically and emotionally and I got up, holding back my tears,  to teach women on how to be intentional with their lives in 2018.  The only problem...I was too burned out from my mess of a day  to care. 

And that's where you come in...

Which got me thinking about you.  If I had lost the caring over a frazzled day, then I knew you may not care about goals and intentions right now either. I thought about you because I have friends where you are today. 

Friends who are at home recuperating from surgery and in pain when they'd rather out enjoying their lives. Friends who have chosen to be gone from their home so they could take care of their aging parents.  Friend who have lost jobs. Friends who, in one short week of 2018, have already said goodbye to loved ones who were far too young to die. 

To be honest, I'm sure there are other circumstances.  Circumstances that feel hard and won't let up. Circumstances that discourage us and stop us in our tracks. Circumstances that are more important than setting goals and living with intention. 



Now is not your time...


“There’s nothing magical about January. ”


And what I say to you is that now is not your time. Crafting intentions and writing down goals requires your attention.  And right now, you don't need one more goal you need a healing of your heart.  There's nothing magical about January. Your goals and intentions -they'll be there waiting when you're ready. 

So what's a girl to do?  Right about now, I typically give you some quick tips or coaching exercises to do.  But quick tips won't do it this time, so maybe some advice that I hope learns toward wisdom will be better. 

Trust the process

I say this to coaching clients all the time and I mean it.  We're all in process and sometimes we have to trust it.  I don't know what your challenging circumstance in 2018 is, but I do know this.  You'll get through this.  Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you'll wake up feeling better- both physically and emotionally. In the meantime, lean into where you are and learn what God has for you. 

Be brave with your heart

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It's hard to share your heart. And even harder to bring it raw and filled with pain to others and to God. I preached recently at my home church and one of my points was that God is not afraid of a messy heart.  He's not afraid of your hurt. He's not afraid of your questions. He's not afraid of your anger.  Bring him what you have and allow Him to heal you from the inside out. 

Give yourself permission to be still

The world is amped up to set goals and get them done right now.  Everywhere you look, you may be seeing encouragement to hustle, and make it your year. Resist the temptation to feel like you're behind.  Instead, be still. This is your season to restore and for God to redeem.  Your intentions and goals will still be there when you're ready.  For now, be still and let January happen. 

Nourish your soul

I ask my clients to identify the things that will nourish their soul.  Things like music or walking in nature or coffee with friends.  What brings you joy even when chaos is swirling around you?  Find those things and do them. 

Recently I discovered Ellie Holcomb.  I first heard her speak on a podcast talking about Christmas. And while we're past Christmas, the message of Christmas is timeless.  She talked about how Christmas is about waiting for God to restore all things.  She talked about how we sometimes have to wait for God to wipe away every tear. That waiting is hard but believing that God will wipe away every tear is a promise we can stand on.  And I found myself leaning in because we all wait.  We wait for redemption.  We wait for life change. We wait to have every hurt made whole. 

So, if you haven't heard Ellie's songs - you should download her album on Itunes, Red Sea Road. But today, I leave you with one of her songs.  May it help you find peace in the middle of your chaos. 

New album "Red Sea Road" is available NOW! Physical: https://www.ellieholcomb.com/store/ iTunes: http://bit.ly/EllieRSR Amazon: http://bit.ly/RSREllie Google Play: http://bit.ly/RSREllieGP Official Music Video for "Find You Here," from Ellie Holcomb's latest album "Red Sea Road" ellieholcomb.com Video directed and produced by Lindley Beach, assisted by Shelby Goldsmith. Song produced by Brown Bannister and Ben Shive.

Hey Friend!  I'd love to pray for you on your journey.  You can send a prayer request to my private email.  I'll confirm I received and to let you know you'll be in my prayers.