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Unlock your potential for everyday impact

You have what it takes to experience authentic life change and make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God. Coaching can help you identify your next steps to get there!


I'm here to help you...


Discover who you were created to be


Identify and change the things that are holding your back

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Make a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom

You were made for more. More clarity. More progress. More impact.

When you have that feeling that God has something more for you out there, it may be time to start thinking about a change. But before you can make a change, you need the courage to raise your hand and say now is the time. Now is the time to invest in you as you design a life marked by authentic life change and lasting impact for God’s Kingdom.


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Hey I’m Danielle…

Your Transformational Impact Strategist and Enneagram Coach. As a certified life and Enneagram coach, I help you develop strategies that will help you find freedom, grow in Christ and live on mission for Him. I combine my experience in adult ministries with my life coach training to help you move forward on your pathway to greater impact in your everyday life.