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Cultivating understanding and compassion in your relationships

Building a growing and thriving relationship takes time and compassion. Sometimes the greatest obstacle in your relationship can be what we don’t know about ourselves and our partner. Whether you’ve been together for years or are preparing for your upcoming marriage, Enneagram typing and coaching help you gain understanding and self-awareness on why you do what you do and how you interact with the significant people in your life. As you and your partner learn more about your Enneagram type, you will begin to understand your own inner motivations, how you interact and work with each other, and address those challenges that keep your relationship from moving forward.

Couples Enneagram Services



Pre-marital Typing & Coaching


Couples Typing & Coaching


How it works 

Step 1: Order your Assessment

When you’re ready to get started and learn more about your Enneagram types, getting started is simple. Simply order and pay for your assessment and typing session on this website. Once I receive you order, you’ll receive an email which will include a link for you to take your assessment and my coaching on boarding forms to complete.

Step 2: Complete your assessment

Once you receive your unique assessment link and code, complete your online RHETI assessment. The RHETI assessment was created by Riso & Hudson, innovators and master teachers of the Enneagram. If you have any questions while taking the assessment, you can email Danielle. Your assessment results will be sent to me and we will review them during your typing session.


Step 3: Schedule your typing session and subsequent coaching sessions as needed

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll receive a link to schedule your typing session. Simply schedule your appointment online and you’ll be added to my schedule. During your typing session, we’ll review how the Enneagram works, your top 3 types from your RHETI assessment, narrow down your type through Enneagram coaching questions, and a deep dive into your dominant type. You’ll be given an opportunity to ask questions and identify some next steps for confirming your type.

 Enneagram Couples Coaching packages

Couples Enneeagram Typing Session

$100.00 /session

Includes 2 Enneagram RHETI Assessments

Overview presentation on the Enneagram

90-120 minute Enneagram typing session together

Specific presentation on 1-2 types

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Couples Enneeagram Coaching Session

$120.00 /session

Now that you know your types, learn how to use the Enneagram in your relationship

Learn tools to grow your relationship

60 minute sessions focused on your unique relationship

Book as needed

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Not sure if Enneagram Couples Coaching is right for you?  

Let’s chat! I offer a complimentary discovery call so that you can see if Enneagram coaching is right for you!