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 Clear Path Enneagram Coaching

A 5 session group coaching experience on
growing through your Enneagram type


Become who God created you to be

Discover your unique path to growth with the Enneagram

Step into your unique path for spiritual and emotional growth through this 5 week group coaching experience using the Enneagram. Because we are each unique, the clear path to spiritual growth and emotional health is not one-size-fits-all. Your enneagram type can help you gain self-awareness and create a clear path for growing both emotionally and spiritually. If you’re ready to explore your Enneagram type, this group coaching program is for you.

 What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a tool for personality typing that can help you identify how you see and interact with the world. Your type can help you gain understanding and self-awareness on the story God is writing with your life including your inner motivations, how you interact and work with others, and address those challenges that are holding you back from living fully and authentically from the inside out.


Group Sessions will include:  



Other types you borrow from


Blind Spots

Areas to observe



Stress and growth points


Pathway to Growth

Discover your unique pathway



Variations on each type


Clear Path Group Coaching Experience

Cost: $ 40 per person

When: Mondays April 22 - May 20 @ 7 pm

Where: Kingdom Business Offices | Maple Grove