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 Minneapolis Enneagram Consulting for Church Teams

Leading Happy and Healthy Teams

Use the Enneagram to cultivate self-aware leaders, emotional health, and high performing ministry teams

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Understand who you are, the people you work with, and how to work together for lasting impact

The key ingredient for a thriving team is self-awareness and relational health. When your team understands who they are and how to use that to lead others, you’ll improve communication, collaboration, and unity. Choosing to understand each other is the first brave step toward living on mission together. Here at One Foot Coaching, we provide the tools for your team to cultivate self-awareness, emotional health, and spiritual growth to develop thriving and happy teams that make a lasting impact together.

 Enneagram Consulting is for you if:

  • You’re ready to empower your people to be more effective by encouraging each person to grow into their best selves, leading to increased happiness, communication, and impact.

  • You want to invest in improving the people skills of your team and ability work better with together.

  • You'd like to unify your team around a common culture and mission.

  • You’re ready to invest in your own leadership health and lead your team with confidence.

  • You want to hire the right people for a particular position.


 How we work with church teams


Enneagram Team


Leadership coaching
by Enneagram type


Enneagram typing for each
team member


Typing Sessions
for Pre-marital counseling


Hiring Assessments
and Typing


Coming Soon! Enneagram Online learning portal for teams

 How the Enneagram makes a difference

Working with Danielle helped me understand my strengths and the things getting in the way of leading my team more effectively. We now know and understand our people and have a common language to build a culture of emotional health.
— Phil Santillan | Lead Pastor, Clarity Church

Ready to say yes to team transformation?  

If you’re ready to take the next steps into exploring how you can leverage the Enneagram to help you and your team improve your leadership skills and work more effectively for lasting kingdom impact, then I’m ready to partner with you. Simply schedule a free consultation and we’ll meet together to discuss the best next steps for your team.